Intro to SoulCollage®


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This SoulCollage® workshop helps you get out the confines of talk therapy and puts you into action, helping you get unstuck from repetitive thoughts, blocked feelings, and over-analyzing the problems you’re facing.

Often, when we are depressed, anxious, or suffering from trauma, we lose touch with the parts of ourselves that we could be using to help us push through tough times and bounce back from challenges. SoulCollage® gives us a unique way to access our emotional strengths and discover new insight.

As you create your own personal collage cards from magazines, books and photos, etc, your hands will be moving, your right brain will become engaged, and you will be able see things in a new way. 

You don’t have to be an “artist” to do SoulCollage®

It’s an intuitive and creative process, but one that is non-threatening.  I teach and guide you through the process. I don’t interpret the cards for you, but rather, I teach you how to read, learn, and share from your own cards.

In the process, you can relax, have fun, and gain confidence in yourself to solve life’s challenges using your own inner strengths to deal with life's questions and transitions.


“The SoulCollage® practice is a way to embrace oneself and also discover ways towards balance. SoulCollage® is a mostly right brain way to grow into this consciousness, and I believe that is one great need in our world right now: to awaken and nourish the right brain consciousness of our population so it will balance the left brain achievements.”


— Seena Frost


In this workshop you will learn how to:

✔︎ Let go of your hyper analysis brain and glide into your right brain of creativity

✔︎ Let go of self-judgment and re-awaken your sense of fun and play

✔︎ Gather images intuitively, based on what captivates your attention and evokes strong emotion within you

✔︎ Make your own Soul Collage® card deck, full of collage cards that reflect different parts of yourself, people who have inspired you, animal energies, or other images 

✔︎ Learn how to read, learn from and share your own cards

✔︎ Journal with your cards and more insight into their meaning


My Goal is for you to leave this workshop feeling more self-aware, more IN TOUCH WITH YOUR CREATIVITY, and knowing that HAVE A WAY TO ACCESS YOUR INTUITION ANYTIME.




Saturday Afternoon Workshop
Cost: $49.00

Group is limited in size to 5 ppl (Men and Women Welcome)
Facilitated by Rebecca Seamon, LPC,
Certified SoulCollage® Facilitator

Group Includes

✔︎  All materials are included (soul collage cards, magazines, art supplies, etc.)
✔︎  Folder with handouts
✔︎  Group discussion
✔︎  Written creative exercises with cards
✔︎ Snacks and beverages





About Your Workshop Leader

Rebecca Seamon, M.Ed. LPC


Certified Daring Way Facilitator

Hi! My name is Rebecca and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, specializing in helping clients get emotionally “unstuck” and grow to live a life in full bloom, which means thriving instead of just surviving.


With over 15 years of experience as a counselor, I have seen the amazing affects that bringing creativity into therapy has had for my clients. I became a SoulCollage® Facilitator in order to help people get back in touch with their innate creativity and inner wisdom.

In this workshop, we have fun as we explore our inner creative worlds and emotions by letting our right brains take over and lead the way. We will learn to let go of that over analyzing parts of ourselves in order to let ourselves discover new ways of handling challenges in our lives. I would not call myself an artist by any means, but SoulCollage® has opened up my ability to express my feelings and share them with others. I invite you to join us and experience the same!





For more information about SoulCollage® visit the official SoulCollage® website. You can also purchase the book SoulCollage® Evolving which provides detailed information about the process. 


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